Cleanin Tips That Folks Shouldn’t Have to be Told Cuz They is Common Sense


I sho am all about learning new ways of cleaning stuff, but sometimes I read about thangs that seem like common sense. ‘Parently though, some folks is dumb and need to read tricks to tell them what to clean. You know people wouldn’t be writin about this kinda stuff if some fools out der didn’t need to be told.  Take Yo Funkay Clothes Out Yo Bag   Fo serious, seems like this is the kind a thang yo momma would teach you when you is a kid, not sumthin grown people needs to be told. The minute you get home from the gym, you should take them funkay clothes right to the washin machine...just … [Read more...]

7 Tricks You Should Never Suggest to a New Mom


1. Make sure you are getting enough sleep at night so you won’t be grouchy.   This can be such a frustration to a mom of a newborn to have anyone point out that they should be sleeping. Believe me, they want to be sleeping at night, but have no way of making that possible. I’m sure you are trying to be well meaning to that mother that looks like she is just above zombie state, but cut it out would you? I mean, you really just making her feel bad for not being able to get her baby to sleep at night. Source: LifeTricks: … [Read more...]

Tips For Those That Drink Coffee v. Tips For Those That Don’t

tip-for-drinking-hot-beverages (1)

There are two kinds of people in the world, those that drink coffee like it's water, and those that can't stand the stuff. For the avid coffee drinker, they don't need an excuse to brew a pot. Non-coffee drinkers don't understand the need a coffee drinker has to constantly re-fuel. I actually feel bad for the poor person that doesn't like coffee, because they are always looking for ways to get in the caffeine. Not to mention the fact that since coffee drinkers love the way coffee tastes, they virtually never have to seek out flavored drink combinations to satisfy their cravings for something … [Read more...]

6 Tricks You Shouldn’t Suggest to a Couple That Doesn’t Have Children


1. When are you going to have babies?   Whenever people see a couple that have been married for several years, but they don’t have children, this is the first thing people ask. It is just a small talk statement that is part of normal conversation, but it needs to stop right now. People that don’t have kids either don’t want kids and they shouldn’t have to explain that to you; or they are unable to have children and you just opened a gaping wound by your question. Either way, it is not your business to ask when someone will have children. If they want to tell you why they don’t have kids, … [Read more...]

6 Tricks You Should Never Suggest to Someone That is Single


1. Maybe you should tell your date they look really nice. You’ll probably get another date that way.  This is about the lamest dating advice you can give to someone who is single. If they don’t instinctively tell their date they look nice, then they probably don’t need to be on a date with them anyways. There really is no way to suggest this trick to anyone without coming across as insulting. Source: LifeTricks:  2. Maybe you should pick up a hobby that will make you seem more interesting when you go out on a date. … [Read more...]

5 Tricks That do Not Have Parents With Young Kids in Mind


Sometimes I read about tips and tricks that do not apply to me as a parent of young children. I know there are people out there that would benefit from reading these things, and on the surface seem like really terrific ideas. Throw a couple toddlers into the mix, and your perspective on a nifty idea changes immediately. Until you have raised a couple of tiny people, you likely wouldn’t even know these tips could end in undesired results.  Use Glass Ornaments to Coral Party Guests   I can’t hardly keep my son from bringing me glass ornaments off the tree, there is no way this is going to … [Read more...]

Tricks For People Who Say They Are on a Diet v. Tricks For People That Are Actually on a Diet


Don’t you just love those people that are always on a diet, but they don’t look like they have ever lost a single pound? You know the ones I’m talking about. They constantly refuse the dessert, but later on you catch them sneaking a candy bar when they think no one is looking. There are people out there that say they are on a diet and others that are actually on a diet. The tricks for people that say they are dieting are vastly different than the tricks for people who mean business about losing weight.  On Junk Food   People Who Are on a Diet- Quit Eating Junk FoodNo brainer right? … [Read more...]

6 Desserts That is Slap Yo Grandma Good


I sho do love eatin me some good desserts….specially anythang that has chocolatey goodness. Now you know what makes a dessert really really good? One that doesn’t take that much to make. I mean, desserts is sposed to be easy to make. How hard is it to make sugar taste good, right? For real, though, these recipes right here is so so easy and scrumptious, they is gonna make me act like a greedy fool.  Cupcake Ice Cream Cone Goodness   This ideal right here is so easy and really easy to hold in your hands fo eatin. It is perfect fo little kids at a birfday party or somethin. They is not … [Read more...]

6 Tips That Could Save You From Cookout Disaster


It is that time again when I like to pull out the smoker and invite a bunch of people over to eat some of my famous pulled pork. Of course, by famous, I mean free, and I also mean I’ve only ever cooked pork more than once. No one ever turns down an invitation to get free pork. This year, I’m having my second annual cookout and I ran across a few tips that could save me from ruining my cookout like I did last year.  Make Tender Burgers Every Time   I decided that I need a back up plan for the pulled pork this year. Last year I burnt it to a crisp and it smelled awful. Actually, I ended … [Read more...]

Ways to be Cheap Without Being Trifflin


There is some good thangs out there that you can do to save yo dollaz without havin to be trifflin and doing crazy stuff like using soap and wudder to wipe yo butt to save on toilet paper. There ain’t NEVER no need to be that chincy and worrisome. Here are some thangs though that you can do to be cheap but not ratchet.  Use an Old Mug Fo a New GiftIf you need a cheap gift to give somebody, like maybe yo kid’s teacher at school or something, this right here is the best thang you can do. Er’body has extra coffee mugs that they don’t use. Just get you one out the cabinets and fill it up … [Read more...]